The title is not a mistake and 13-year old Brenda Fruhvirotva really did defeat 2x major winner Siniakova in stellar fashion.

Every once and while sporting wonders happen and Brenda Fruhvirtova just created one of her own. A teenager beating a tennis pro is not something that the world hasn’t seen before but still, this is a bit different. Not only is Fruhvirtova young, but she also isn’t even a teenager by most definitions. She is only 13 and she defeated Katerina Siniakova in straight sets.

For those who might not be familiar with the career highlights of Siniakova she is a former world number 31 is singles, world number 1 in doubles and a two time doubles grand slam champion. Now before you write her off as just a doubles specialist do remember that she has won 2 singles titles in her career. Before the season got suspended she was number 54 in the world. And she is 11 years older than Brenda.

Still, it did not matter, the young Brenda kept her composure and outplayed her older colleague. The first set was a hard-fought battle but nerves were calm for Brenda who won it 7-6 (5). To everyones shock, Brenda decided to, well shock people even more. Not only did she win the match she destroyed Siniakova in the 2nd set with 6-1. It was an unbelievable sight and something never before seen in tennis.

It might have just been the first major victory in a historic career that is yet to happen. It might be just a one off. No one knows for certain but even so, this victory alone cemented Fruhvirtova as a tennis prodigy for years to come.

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Author: Alem Mujkanovic