Former world number 1, Kim Clijsters spoke on Hall of Fame Live about how her induction among legends of the sport.

36-years-old Belgian achieved a lot in her tennis career. Besides winning 4 Grand Slam titles in singles and 2 in doubles, she became world number 1 already in 2003. 3 years ago, Clijsters became member of Tennis Hall of Fame. Now, she spoke about how she felt back then.

“There were so many incredible moments,” Clijsters recalled about her Hall of Fame induction. “Going to the museum, seeing my name and photos next to the players who I looked up to when I was a little girl, who were my heroes — that was definitely a moment where I felt like, ‘Whew, this is bigtime.’”

“Your whole childhood comes back,” Clijsters reminisced. “From when you started playing tennis and the memories of when I was a little girl, when I was playing on the driveway of my parents’ house with my sister — we were pretending to be Steffi Graf and Monica Seles at the Australian Open! And then you see your photos [at the Hall of Fame] — it’s incredible. You kind of relive your whole tennis life.”


Author: Erik Virostko