Coach is one of the most important parts of success for a tennis player what Darren Cahill proved in the career of Simona Halep.

Cahill coached the Romanian till the end of the 2018 season when they split. Then, they united at the beginning of 2020 again. Now, Halep explained why they needed to take a break and what Cahill means to her.

“Darren was exhausted after 2018 and wanted to take a break. However, he was on my side every time. I sent him messages. I talked about my evolution. I was exhausted after 2018 and I didn’t train so much. I was working, but I was missing something. I realized that I missed too much on the field. Darren always told me to believe in myself, he told me I could do great things. I didn’t think so all the time, but I changed my mind.”

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Author: Erik Virostko