On his Instagram account, former world number 3, Grigor Dimitrov spoke about how he misses tennis during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Since winning his first title in 2013, Dimitrov is a solid part of the top of the ATP Ranking. The Bulgarian reached his career-high back in 2017 when he also triumphed at the ATP Finals and reached 3rd place in the rankings. Now, he shared his feelings on his Instagram account.

“As the days are rolling by I cannot help but thinking how much I miss competing. For the first time in 24 years, the real uncertainty of when you are going out there creeps in. I miss the preparation, I miss driving to the stadium, I miss those butterflies when your name is called on that center court, when you put that game face on and for a minute you feel that the world stops and all you think about is that moment, seizing the chance to be out here. I’m so grateful to that sport, it has given me all I can ask for(yes, frustrating too at times:) but it always teaches me something that goes way beyond the sport. It challenges me! Thank you! I miss you tennis!” wrote Dimitrov.

“I’m thankful for my parents for teaching so many valuable lessons early on in life. I had to grow up fast but along the way learning how to forgive, how to love, how to be persistent, and tackle life with a smile! Tenacity! We can only learn from this time and come out as a better version of ourselves. Let’s love ourselves and be kind to one another. Sending love and support to all of you out there! We will overcome this together,” Dimitrov wrote.



Author: Erik Virostko