Mikael Ymer is one of the more talented youngsters on the tour and during a setdown with ATP Uncovered he spoke about his career.

Mikael Ymer is one of the brightest youngsters on the ATP tour and while his on-court skills are well known his off-court mindset is less so. Speaking with ATP during their Uncovered series he said:

“I’m playing for myself, I’m playing for my family, I’m playing for my country, but I also think I’m playing for the next generation. That’s something I think about a lot. Not only the next generation of tennis [players]. I’d be very happy if I can also affect normal kids in Sweden to fight or have a dream and go for it, to believe that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what your background is or your economics. It’s that you can take a risk and go for it.”

Ymer traces his origins back to Ethiopia from which his parents emigrated before he was born. They settled in Stockholm and one thing they have in common is their hard-working mentality. Speaking of it he said:

“I think you have a mentality [as a tennis player] a little bit [where you are] thinking about yourself, but one of the most important things for me is to be remembered as a good guy.”

The 21-year old is certainly known as a good and humble guy on the tour drawing inspiration from his big idol Stefan Edberg. On that he said:

“The way he carries himself and how humble he is after being one of the biggest legends is inspiring for me. He treats everyone the same, and he’s always been so nice not only to me but to my family.”

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Let me tell you a short story of FA2’s greatness. I don’t even think he remembers this. I was in the gym at the Junior Usopen warming up for a practice while I’m talking to a friend, next to me is FA. I say hi to him quickly and go back to talking to my friend while I’m doing my exercise with 0 focus. FA then jumps in and asks me why I’m not doing the exercise properly with good form. Embarrassed as I was, knowing that he was right, I found an excuse and told him that I was supposed to do it like this. I think he was 13 at the time. 13!!!! His Work ethic and talent is beyond this world but most importantly he’s a top-class guy. Thank you for leading the way Felix⭐️⭐️👑👑, you inspire me and many many more on this planet.

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Author: Alem Mujkanovic