Speaking with Tennis Channel International Bouchard was asked to create her perfect tennis player and her selections included the serve of Kvitova and forehand of Serena.

A very fun trend has been going on the tennis world for quite some time where tennis professionals are asked to crated their perfect tennis players. One such game was played when Genie Bouchard was asked to create her perfect tennis player in an interview with Tennis Channel International. Some of her comments during the game are:

“If I had to pick a WTA player’s serve I would pick Petra Kvitova. Forehand I think I would go with Serena’s forehand I think she can just do so much with it so much variety and that’s why it’s so lethal. Athleticism I’ll go Serena again just because you know she’s so strong physically and can kind of dominate the game with that like physical presence so um she must be the best in the world at that I think.”

When asked about the nonphysical stuff she named Sofia Kenin as a perfect example of a player that has astonishing tennis IQ. She named Allison Riske a prime example of someone who is extremely eager to win so she chose her will to win. For the backhand she chose herself and lastly for fitness she chose Halep:

“Fitness, I would have to go with Halep. She’s obviously super strong and can outlast you know any of her opponents. Obviously winning the French Open is proof of that as well. Will to win Alison Riske definitely has an unbelievable will to win.”

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Author: Alem Mujkanovic