Srdjan Djokovic gave an interview recently where he made several bold claims and also branded Tennis as a sport for “rich people”.

Novak Djokovic won the 1st grand slam of the season after a spectacular comeback win against Dominic Thiem. It was a tough victory for Djokovic who had the pull out all his tennis tricks in order to win. For a time it seemed he might even lose. The match was brilliant in many regards and it features some controversy as well. Speaking to the Serbian media outlet he reflected on the match:

“The seven-time Australian Open champion is playing at Center Court, where he hasn’t lost a single game, against an Austrian in the final and the fans are cheering on the Austrian – imagine this disrespect for Novak.”

He was referencing the fact that the Australian crowd was starting to cheer for Theim as he started winning. While Srdjan might have a point it’s a known fact that in sport, crowds love fairytale storylines and especially underdog ones. So it wasn’t a huge surprise they rallied behind Thiem.

He continued branding Tennis as a sport for rich people:

“Tennis is a sport for rich people and they cannot accept that someone from poor and small Serbia is the best tennis player in the past was ten years”.

While it is a fact that Djokovic came from humble beginnings he’s not the only one. Many sports legends came from such and it’s not so uncommon. His achievement is certainly more impressive considering his whole life story but it’s an interesting reaction from Papa Djokovic.

He also gave a bold prediction for the rest of the season:

“This year Novak will catch up with Federer because he will win the other three Grand Slam tournaments of the year. Around October 6th or 7th, he will overtake Federer with the most weeks as number one and he will also win the Olympic Games in Tokyo”.

While those achievements would be spectacular there is a lot of tennis to be played. And with players such as Thiem and Medvedev on the upswing, he might not get the chance to that. All in all, it’s a great time for tennis and the season will be spectacular however it plays out.

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Author: Alem Mujkanovic