Roger Federer has given fans some optimism regarding his fitness progress but he also warned that it will still take a long time.

Roger Federer has only played in one event his year before his season got cut short by two knee surgeries. Those were surgeries that needed to be done but he himself postponed as much as he could. With the pandemic suspending the season he decided it was time. Recovery is slow but Roger gave a positive update recently:

“It (the injury) was a very important moment for me. With the coronavirus, the two operations, I thought if it was appropriate or not to continue. It seems easy, but I can assure you that I will return to certain levels it takes a very long way. With recovery, you have to be patient and take all the time you need to think.”

He elaborated further on his recovery by saying it was going fine but cautioned against too much optimism too early:

“I already feel better. I am not yet at a level that I can play tennis, but I am confident that I am 100% ahead of next season.”

He reiterated his commitment to play tennis next season highlighting the Wimbledon and the Olympics as goals. We wish him a speedy a good recovery so that we can once more enjoy his brilliance on the court.


Author: Alem Mujkanovic