Roger Federer has played down the potential impact of Melbourne air quality ahead of his Australian Open 1st round match

The 20-time grand slam champion is a member of the ATP Players Council and recently spoke out about the issue:

“From what we were told yesterday in the player meeting, the Olympic Games and other competitions have the numbers set at 300. Ours is set at 200. From that standpoint, I think we’re moving in a very safe range. We’re not here for six months straight at over 200, 300, you know.”

He further added:

“That’s when maybe effects really become bad. No, I don’t worry too much, to be honest. I worry more for everybody else who is in the fire, in the smoke. Also, we can stay indoors all day, quickly go out and play, go back in again. It’s not like we’re stuck outside at all times. ”

He highlighted the need for proper communication between the players, tournament directors and fans. Federer also briefly touched upon his 1st round matchup vs Steve Johnson on Monday:

“Practice has been going well. Had plenty of time to pace myself and do all the things I had to do to get ready. I hope it’s enough. I know it’s a super long road to victory. That’s why I got to take it one match at a time. My expectations are quite low. No, I’m excited to play Steve. He’s a good guy. I think with his old-school playing – big forehand, slice backhand, good serve – I think it’s going to be a nice match for me, as well.

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Author: Alem Mujkanovic