Taylor Fritz has reflected on his current game ahead of the 2020 season in a feature with ATP recently.

Fritz said that he has the hunger and desire because he is nowhere where he wants to be in terms of his game so he wants to keep getting better.

He added that in his off-season it is very much about maximising time and he wants to work harder than everyone else.

“I just feel like I’m nowhere near where I want to be or where I should be,” Fritz said. “So I want to keep wanting to get better, wanting to beat more people, wanting to be higher-ranked.”

“Going into the off-season for me, it’s just the time to do everything right and make the most of every single day to get better and train, because everyone else is doing it. So I think my mindset every morning is just to train as hard as I possibly can so when I get done that day, I could believe that I outworked everyone else.”


Author: Samuel Gill