Even with the season suspended, tennis starts still do media availabilities and Coco Gauff recently gave an interview to BBC Sports.

Coco Gauff is a tennis sensation, that much is clear ever since her breakout performance at Wimbledon last year at the mere age of 16. Speaking about what sort of impact that had on her life she said:

“I went from 30 000 followers to 500 000 followers overnight, and my play got recognition by a lot of famous people around the world. It’s something I’m still not used to and definitely wasn’t used to back then. People still recognize me from that match.”

When asked about her Idol she explained how she desperately wanted to meet Michele Obama and recollecting that memory Coco said:

“She gave me great advice, she is really nice and she is really tall, she is my height. I think she is a big inspiration to everyone across the world, not just because she is the 1st Lady but also how she handled herself and inspired all the youth to work out and exercise and the way she continues to push boundaries for persons of colour.”

She also spoke about the family bond she shares with her family and her younger brothers explaining how she always brings them gifts from countries she visits when playing on the tour. The interviewer then asked her whether she got her driver’s license as people are allowed to drive in America when they turn 16. Responding to the question Gauff said:

“I have my permit, which is like a restricted license. I will get my actual license in November because I got my permit late and you have to have your permit a year before getting the license.” When asked if she was a good driver Coco responded by saying that she is a good driver but bad parker, but she is working on it.”

Check out a short snippet from the interview below:

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Author: Alem Mujkanovic