The idea of the ATP and WTA governing bodies acting under one banner was proposed by Roger Federer a few weeks ago, and the response has been mostly positive.

Federer set the wheels in motion when he proposed the notion on Twitter during his downtime. The idea has since been debated and discussed among several tennis players, and now Great Britain’s Johanna Konta has chimed in on the matter.

Being a member of the WTA Player Council, Konta is in support of Federer’s idea and believes that equality is important.

“For me I don’t understand how it wouldn’t be of equals because if we are then talking about that, would it be us literally saying we are worth less than our male counterparts ?” said Konta. “It would have to be a merger of equals because that’s what we are. I would not see how right now in today’s age it would be allowed to be called anything else.”

Konta further stated that Billie Jean-King was the first to propose the idea of an ATP-WTA merger, but Federer’s tweet drew more attention to the issue.

“Billie Jean King beat Federer to that a long time ago.” Konta added. “So I think it is something that has been talked about for a long time but having Roger vocalize it drew attention to it. I definitely think in the long run it makes logical sense, but I know there are a lot of moving parts to it, and I know there will be a lot of people who won’t want it to happen, but also a lot of people who do want it to happen.

There is a long way between saying this is what should happen and this is what will happen. I am definitely for it and I think it makes sense, I guess we will have to see what the people in suits are able to come up with.”



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Author: Arthur Ajayi