In a recent interview with TSN, Milos Raonic spoke about an offer he received from Novak Djokovic to play at the Adria Tour.

The 29-years-old Canadian, Milos Raonic was born in Titograd, Montenegro before he moved to Canada. And it was Montenegro where the third event of the Adria Tour was supposed to be played. Novak Djokovic offered Raonic to play in front of his home crowd, as he now said more about it.

“I have never played in front of most of my cousins. I’ve never played in front of my grandmother and aunts and uncles so I did consider it. But if the US Open was going to happen I didn’t foresee myself travelling to Europe and back. I felt like that was an unnecessary risk. My understanding was most of those events were probably going to be with no public and probably by the time we got around to Montenegro there would be the chance of there being public attendance,” said Raonic. “Personally, I wouldn’t have felt comfortable especially with the promotional events that were being done.”

“I know he [Djokovic] was one of those against the idea of coming to the US Open and, at an early point, said under those conditions he doesn’t see how you can be holding a grand slam,” Raonic pointed out. “I think maybe after this series of events that specific argument for him doesn’t carry as much weight. On this specific topic, especially leading up to the US Open, there won’t be as much gravitas behind his comments. For other things, I think he has led players in a positive way, but in terms of this specific instance that we’re facing right now it will take him a little bit to get that trust back,” said Raonic.

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Author: Erik Virostko