In a recent interview with Swiss Romande Television,  Stan Wawrinka spoke about what he misses the most about tennis as well as how he spends the time now.

During the Coronavirus lockdown, Wawrinka entertained many fans with his funny Instagram posts. The Swiss also spent some time on Instagram Live with Benoit Paire. Now, he spoke about how he handles the current situation and what he misses the most.

“I miss the whole process of getting to the top of a match o a final and the support of fans. Given the difficulties in today’s world, I took advantage of being able to stay at home a bit and spend time with my daughter. It’s clear that the Tour will not resume next August. I have big doubts on the US Open and the final part of the season,” said Wawrinka.

“I tried to entertain in relation to my life, to the fans I have and to bring another vision of what I was doing. I am lucky to have friends on the Tour like Benoit Paire. We know that when we talk, we do it honestly and it allowed people to discover our slightly different personalities. We are honest in what we say and we can do. I always liked to show different things, the fans see us playing. They don’t know what we do outside. We were able to take a step back and give another facet,” Wawrinka said.


Author: Erik Virostko