The 2020 Australian Open champion, Sofia Kenin spoke about her training during the WTA Tour suspension as well as her future goals.

The 21-years-old American has a great future ahead. After winning the 2020 Australian Open, Kenin climbed to the 4th place of the WTA Ranking and still aims higher and wants to become no. 1. In the recent interview with WTT, she revealed how she practiced during the WTA Tour suspension and she also spoke about her future goals.

“I literally practiced every day except on the weekends,” Kenin admitted. “We had a private court. I hit with a hitting partner and she stayed for the past three months. I’m doing fitness here just to keep it up since I’ve done a lot during this pandemic. We’re working out, we’re practicing, and if I want to do something in between I can just to make sure I’m fit and I’m ready. My father is obviously here and it’s good. Team practice can get a little bit fun which is good to have and we’re just helping each other out,” said Kenin.

“From a young age my dad has helped me with that,” Kenin said. “When you’re playing tennis, you’ve got to fight and never give up and run after everything. Anything can change at any given time. I had to develop that, but it’s also been natural with me, I really want to have more success like [Melbourne]. I have lots of tennis and l have a long career ahead. It was obviously great, but I want to keep moving forward and doing what I can to achieve what I want. I want to win as many as I can win. I want to be No. 1, that’s a goal I’ve always had. I want to do the best I can to perform and be in the best shape when I play a Grand Slam,” said Kenin.


Author: Erik Virostko