In a recent interview with FM Milenium as quoted on La Nacion, Diego Schwartzman spoke about his participation at this year’s US Open.

The current situation in the tennis world is very complicated. The ATP Tour should have resumed with the Washington Citi Open as the first tournament, however, it has been cancelled. On the other hand, the US Open still plans to go ahead as many players have different opinions about this decision. In the recent interview, world number 13, Diego Schwartzman said:

“For me, the ATP did not hit any for now, we practically never found out from them first but (we found out) from a social network about the decisions they make, for example, the cancelation of Washington. The cancellation of Washington was expected to come and the ATP in quotes was predicting it, they were telling us that it was complicated because the times for all the permits and everything that was needed to make a tournament did not come, but we ended up finding out all on Twitter,” Schwartzman said.

“The way they communicate and in which they want to carry out, for example, the US Open, is crazy. In my case I will go to play because I need to, it is my job, but the conditions are crazy, like going to play a Grand Slam after seven months with only one companion, locked in a hotel for 21 days, without being able to leave, is all too far-fetched,” Schwartzman said.


Author: Erik Virostko