Former world number 12 in the ATP Ranking, Feliciano Lopez spoke about his plans about retiring in a recent Q&A with

38-years-old Spaniard enjoyed already more than 20 years on the ATP Tour. Currently, he is the tournament director of the Madrid Open alongside still being a professional tennis player. Now, Lopez also spoke about the possibility of retiring.

“I wasn’t planning on retiring in the short term. I’ve played the past few years as if each of them were my last and I’ve normally evaluated how things have gone at the end of the season. Based on that, I’ve decided whether or not to play another year. That’s worked well for me in recent years. It’s been a good way of focussing my goals during that time. Now, with this break we’re suffering due to the coronavirus, my plans have changed. The idea is to be able to play next year,” Lopez wrote.

“The thing that keeps me excited about continuing to play tennis is being able to remain competitive. That adrenaline from the competition is what I have missed most during these times. Obviously my training, daily work, everything that has been cut off suddenly from one day to the next is hard to accept. But I’ve also had other positive things during these difficult times like being able to be at home with my wife and also enjoy that time with her,” wrote Lopez.



Author: Erik Virostko