After winning 2020 ATP Cup players from Serbia reflected on their victory as Novak Djokovic thanked supporters and Viktor Troicki commented on playing with Novak.

Winning team competition is a special moment for everybody. Serbia dominated in Australia when they did not lose any of the ties that they played. Djokovic was happy to win the inaugural ATP Cup and spoke about being ‘fortunate and blessed’. “I’ll remember this experience for the rest of my life as definitely one of the nicest moments in my career. I’ve been very fortunate and blessed to have an amazing career the last 15 years, but playing for the team, playing for the country with some of my best friends for a long long time, you can’t match that. That’s just too special.”

Djokovic also thanked the supporters of Serbia. More than 200 000 fans attended the tournament, and many of them were from Serbia as it was also possible to hear during the matches. “I’ve never experienced an atmosphere like this on a tennis court… You carried us to victory and we owe you a big, big thanks. We are part of an individual sport where we play by ourselves. But even when we were playing singles it never felt like it was only you out there. You always have a team in your corner giving you strength and focus. This was the highlight of the competition, along with the support of fans and the flags.”

Also, Viktor Troicki, who played doubles with Djokovic said ‘thank you’ to the world number 2. Troicki & Djokovic earned the winning point for Serbia in doubles. “I want to thank Novak for playing with me again. It was a great experience like always. I remember playing with him since we were nine, 10. To share such a moment on the court with him, I cannot describe it with words. As you said, I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.”


Author: Erik Virostko