Two-time NCAA singles champion, Danielle Collins spoke about how she handled the Coronavirus lockdown in a recent interview with US Open.

The 26-years-old American had a great 2019 season. She reached semifinals at the Australian Open and her career-high 23rd place in the WTA Ranking. The 2020 season has been halted due to the Coronavirus, and so now Collins reflected on this period.

“It was really an incredible time for personal growth. We don’t have a lot of down time in the schedule we usually have, so I think it was amazing to have more time to work on my game, to physically train and get stronger and to mentally work on the things that I need to improve on. I’ve been able to take a lot of time sitting down and watching my matches and learning what works and what doesn’t. So it’s been a really great time to reflect on those things,” admitted Collins. “It certainly helped that we had four months to do that. It was really hard not to be able to go to so many tournaments that have been canceled. I really do think it was a great time to learn more about myself as a person and a player.”

“I’m very happy with how I handled the situation because you can certainly sit around and be depressed and unmotivated, but I really feel I got the most out of the situation, and it’s actually been pretty rewarding.”


Author: Erik Virostko