Former doubles world number 1, Marcelo Melo spoke about how he spends time without his doubles partner, Lukasz Kubot.

Players in doubles need to have a great synergy. 2017 Wimbledon champions, Marcelo Melo and Lukasz Kubot definitely have that as they proved it many times on the tennis court. Now, the Brazilian spoke about how he spends his time at the moment without his doubles partner.

“Doubles of course is like a marriage, so sometimes it’s good to have a little break,” Melo told “Of course it’s not necessary, at least between me and Lukasz… I don’t know when we’re going to see each other again. Of course it depends on when tournaments will come back and where we can practise, but sometimes it’s good for the doubles [players].”

“We have a group chat with our team, so we keep in touch there. Of course we talk one, two times a week, because at this time there are not so many things to talk about,” Melo said. “Normally we always talk about the schedule, practice, this and that. Of course we ask each other how everyone is doing, et cetera, so we keep in touch that way.”


Author: Erik Virostko