Although the USTA plans to hold the 2020 US Open, it still remains a question which players will play at the tournament.

The 2020 US Open is not going to be a Grand Slam tournament as we are used to seeing. Already a few weeks before the official start, some players said that they won’t compete at the American Grand Slam this year. Women’s world number 1, Ashleigh Barty is one of the players that already pulled out of the tournament. In a recent interview, former world number 1, Andy Murray admitted that he expects some more names to be missing on the entry list.

“I have heard some of the top male players aren’t going to play. I would expect that would be the case. It’s everyone’s personal decision,” said Murray. “If they don’t feel safe, and don’t feel comfortable, traveling and going there and putting themselves and their team at an increased risk, then it’s completely understandable. All of the players will have some reservations and it’s whether or not you feel comfortable taking that risk. Like I said the other day, my feeling is once we are inside that bubble they created, we will be okay. It’s more the international travel, and getting there which I will be a bit concerned about it,” Murray said.

“You just can’t replicate matches in practice, it just isn’t the same. It is different on the body, on the mind,” admitted Murray. “The pressure is just different and no matter how hard you try to make your practices as challenging and difficult as matches, they just aren’t. Some players who have had injury lay-offs will probably be a little bit more experienced in terms of coming back after a long period, but it’s an opportunity for players. There will be upsets for sure. Going into the US Open with potentially only one or two matches in the Cincinnati event in New York, it will make for some interesting results,” said Murray.

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Author: Erik Virostko