Demi Schuurs has been a fearless tennis player on and off the court and she now looks back on her journey.

While we are accustomed to a certain type of tennis player’s there have always been players that don’t really fit that mold. Demi Schuurs is one such player but she never allowed that to get into her away. She always stayed true to herself on and off the court and it shaped and prepared her for the later success she would have. The Dutch star never refused challenges:

“I’ve been practicing full court with my hitting partner, so I haven’t been practicing doubles in particular, but just working on hitting balls because we’re still not allowed to have four on a court. The last two times I played singles, I ended up winning the doubles that week, so if it helps me win more tournaments, that’s fine for me!”

This year hasn’t been the best for Schuurs. Bot her and her doubles partner endured injuries early in the season which halted their progress. But they are determined to come back stronger once the season resumes:

“We speak, maybe five times a week, just about things I’m doing, how I’m feeling, and what I can work on. We’re working on a program, where, if the tour starts back up in August, we’ll begin working back up in the middle of June. I’m hitting three times a week at the moment, and the other days, I’m in the gym. For Kveta, they have a court in their garden, so they can play as much as they want. We’re feeling confident because even if the results weren’t as strong when we started together, we also understood that we didn’t play one full-out tournament together!”

She also reflected on her private life where her girlfriend Carmen and their dog play a huge role:

“I’m someone who likes to be at home, but I’m always finding something to do! I’ve been painting the walls at my girlfriend’s sports school. We’ve played cards and other kinds of board games. Yesterday we finally finished our puzzle, which was 3000 pieces.”

When asked what sort of advice she had for younger people she simply responded:

“If I had to tell something to other people, I would tell them to do what they want and what makes them happy, and don’t be shy to tell other people.” Her sentiment she always repeats is that you only live once. And truly on the court and off the court, she truly lives that way.


Author: Alem Mujkanovic