One of the most talented Brazilian tennis players, Thiago Seyboth Wild spoke about his career goals as well as the influence of Gustavo Kuerten.

20-years-old Brazilian grew up in a country where tennis isn’t definitely sport number 1. But a 3-time Grand Slam champion and former world number 1, Gustavo Kuerten is definitely a good inspiration for every Brazilian tennis player. Seyboth Wild spoke about influence of Kuerten on his career as well as his future goals. Speaking to Tennis Now, Seyboth Wild said:

“He always talked so much about how intense I should play, about how I should focus on my level and let the ranking be a consequence of how I’m playing, how the results are going. I’d say yes he’s an inspiration for me just like he is for most of the players out there. He was No.1. He beat Agassi and Sampras in the same tournament, like who really does that?” Seyboth Wild said.

“A lot of people have already asked me about being No.1 or winning Grand Slams. I’d go with being No.1 because to be No.1 you have to win a Grand Slam at least. I’d say that as a kid I’ve always thought that I could beat anybody, that I could be the best, that I could win the tournament, doesn’t really matter where I was, and it’s something I have taken with me to today. I’ve been trying to practice almost every day and give myself as much activity as possible. You know I’ve been trying to live a normal life but there is nothing normal about it these days,” said Seyboth Wild.


Author: Erik Virostko