As a professional athlete, Maria Sharapova is well aware of the importance of a good diet so know she shared her knowledge.

In a recent interview done for Porsche for their Get creative with Porsche series, Sharapova spoke about her diet and cooking skills.  As a professional athlete, she has been privy to a multitude of dietary experts who shared many tricks and tips with her over the years. Now as a Porsche brand Ambassador Maria shared her secrets:

“What you put into your body is always going to be extremely important. There are many lessons I have taken away from my career and a good, healthy diet is certainly one of them. I’ve always been someone who takes good care of their body. But it doesn’t matter if you’re a professional athlete or you work in an office, what you put into your body is always going to be extremely important”.

Elaborating further on the topic she shared what a typical day for her looks like:

“I start my day really healthy. I drink a lot of water with lemon to being with – I’ve done that throughout my career – then I have a green smoothie with kale, lemon, spinach, and sometimes a little apple or avocado. Usually with some rye toast. Then I just see how I feel during the day. I’m certainly not as strict these days, not always thinking ‘food for fuel’ like when I was playing, but it still has an impact”.

She also spoke about how retirement gave her an opportunity to focus more and improve upon her own cooking skills.

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Author: Alem Mujkanovic