Jannik Sinner is looking to break out this year and if his form in his native Italy is any indication he might just do that with this sort of play.

Jannik Sinner always enjoyed playing in his native Italy and this year’s Internazionali BNL is a perfect opportunity for the Italian to break out in a proper manner. His first test came against Benoit Paire who has been struggling with tennis for a long time. Many of his previous appearances were short as he was often easily defeated. This time it was not much better as Sinner completely smashed him in only 65 minutes of play.

There was no mystery of intrigue in this one as the Italian dominated from the early going attacking the Frenchman’s second serve as often as he could. That resulted in Paire winning only 9 of the 23 2nd set points he played. Such abysmal play allowed Sinner to win the first set 6-2. The 2nd set was more of the same as the Italian understood early in the match that Paire had little interest to play.

He didn’t even need to try as much as he was given many points without much resistance. He would go on to finish off the match with a 6-1 2nd set continuing a terrible trend for Paire in his last few events. As far as Sinner go he will look to go as far as he can in his native Italy.

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Author: Alem Mujkanovic