Elina Svitolina opened up recently and admitted she still believes she can use her experience to win a grand slam title.

Speaking to the tennis website BTU, Svitolina admitted that the diverse range of major winners gives her major confidence that she will one day do the same. Her full explanation was:

“In recent years, we see that tennis players had different paths to victory. Someone won right away as soon as they announced themselves on the tour. Others patiently gained experience to finally win the major, for example, Simona Halep and Caroline Wozniacki. Different paths are also due to different styles of play.”

She also spoke about her focus on maintaining a strong physical and mental shape which would be key aspects of a potential grand slam win run. On that she said:

“It gives me hope and energy to work hard so that one day I can take this chance. The key point for me is to keep my best level for two weeks. This requires a lot of effort, both psychological and physical. Everything should work at the same time. And you need to add a little luck.”

Svitolina has yet to commit to playing at the US Open although it is widely expected she will participate. She did say that a lot hinges on local governments and the rules they impose for players coming into their country. For now she is set to be a part of the bett1 Aces event in Berlin.

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Author: Alem Mujkanovic