Best Picks: Top 5 Online Tennis Betting Tips

Tennis is one of the major sports, with several major tournaments throughout the year, and an opportunity to have fun and make some profit if you bet well on the sport. Whether you are new to sports betting or have been at it a while, you can make an informed decision on which tennis betting site is best for you at

Our Top Tips for Choosing the Best Tennis Betting Site

1. Licensing

The very first thing you must always look at when selecting tennis betting sites, and really, any kind of sports betting site, is whether or not the site is licensed. Licensing is proof that the site has met the requirements set out by the licensing authority. It will no doubt give you confidence that you are dealing with a legitimate site.

2. Variety Offerings

You should be able to bet on different leagues and tournaments, and as many of these as you’d like. For this reason, go ahead and find a betting site that offers variety. It is indeed true that some sites are quite restrictive, and you will not have a wide variety of options to choose from when placing your bets.

3. Review the Bonus Options

Bonuses certainly elevate your betting experience. From welcome or sign-up bonuses to loyalty bonuses, look out for these incentives when selecting your sports betting site. While at it ensure you understand any conditions tied to the bonuses you will get.

4. Understand the Terms and Conditions

Don’t scroll through to the bottom of the terms and conditions page and agree to them before actually reading them. Unfortunately, this is what most people do when signing up for tennis betting sites.

Instead, you should take time to carefully read through these terms and conditions. It gives you an idea of what you can look forward to in your experience betting on the site. Find out about withdrawals and deposits. Find out about the policy the site has in place regarding bonuses. Understand each term and condition so you don’t get caught off guard when you start betting on the site.

5. Find out What others are Saying

User reviews are very important. These reviews will give you some real insights into what you can realistically expect of your experience at the site once you sign up.

While looking at user reviews, be keen enough to identify what is real and what is fake. Some sports betting sites have been known to run a campaign of plastering deceptive reviews on the internet under pseudo accounts. Also, be sure to check out reviews from unbiased reviewers and authorities.

Best Betting Tips

Now that you have an idea of how to go about selecting the right betting site, its time to up your game with these top tennis betting tips

1. Check with Expert Tipsters

There is no shortage of tipsters in the tennis betting circles. Find reliable and reputable tipsters for some knowledgeable insights into different players and upcoming games. You can greatly improve your odds by following several tipsters as you will benefit from the varied expert opinions. Before following a tipster, find out what others are saying about their experience with the tipster, and if, indeed there have been some real success stories born from following the tips and predictions the tipster offers.

2. Go for the Best Available Odds

As mentioned, there are several markets in tennis on which you can bet. From the Australian Open to Roland Garros and other tournaments. It is also true that the odds will vary from one market to the next, which is why a prediction may be a better fit for one market and not so much for the other.

Always check the market with the highest odds and stick to this market for your bets. Bet on the most lucrative market, and you will improve your chances of a potential win without having to increase your stake.

3. Leverage Arbitrage Betting

It is true that betting is mostly a matter of luck. Not so much with arbitrage betting, which allows you to back a position and lay against it. This means betting on all possible outcomes, such that any result will be a win for you.

4. Leverage Matched Betting

This is quite similar to arbitrage tennis betting, only that you’d be using the bookmarker’s bonuses for your bets. You can look forward to the better potential for wins with matched betting.

5. Research the Players and Surface of the Game

Both the players and the surface on which the game is played will have a big impact on the outcome of the game. Also, note that some players are only good when playing on some surfaces and don’t perform as well on others. Look at the statistics and look back on what has been the case before to help you make an informed bet.

Pace Yourself and Have Fun

Appreciate the small wins and profits you will have from average tennis wagers, without feeling the need to go all out and make huge, risky bets. Always bet responsibly and only with what you are ready to lose.

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