How can casino sponsorship help within grassroots Tennis?

Grassroots sporting leagues and events are often considered to be the most traditional means of participating in active sports that has since spanned into multiple popular sports with tennis being of no exception, with further advancements in the sports wider appeal expected to be contributed via sponsorship from a number of suitable casino outlets.

Such sporting events centred around grassroots have been gathering a greater reputation and following in recent years which has seen a wider influx in participants and attendees for games.

The competitiveness and gritty nature is still often on display and the quality of games present on the courts are still often up to a great standard in entertainment for neutral spectators as well as being an expansive asset to help get more locals involved with sports that they may not have much prior knowledge about.

Tennis is a sport that has become much more viable and interesting to fans in recent years including those at mainstream level which is so often represented in the number of spectators present at major events.

The sport is continuing to attract widespread appeal from various parties including renowned sponsorship groups that can help represent major athletes and grow their notoriety further amongst wider sporting fan groups.

Grassroots sports are often considered to be a potential sector that most mainstream outlets may occasionally overlook, but the addition of various advertising and commercial ventures in sponsors may help to further elevate the sports reputation with audiences and wider mainstream partners.

These are some of the latest sponsors invested in grassroots tennis and the reaping benefits that such assets have provided, particularly focused around online casino.

· What major sponsors have signed with grassroots tennis:

In an effort to further popularise and encourage more individuals to become more actively involved in the sport, the reigning women’s US Open champion (Emma Raducanu) has signed with major British telecom Vodafone as the brands grassroots tennis ambassador.

Raducanu will become the leading face of the new campaign titled ‘Play Your Way to Wimbledon, powered by Vodafone’, which solely focuses on more individuals becoming actively involved in the sport which is believed to be the largest individual mass participation competition that the sport of tennis will have to offer this year.

Signing a name of Raducanu’s calibre is essential to appeasing to more fans of both sport and other mainstream topics to become more involved in their local activities and as such encourage people to participate in grassroots events.

Raducanu’s partnership with Vodafone is certainly a key element in the often-considered sudden uprise of interest and participation in grassroots tennis events, yet there is still the pondering concept surrounding whether other major sponsors maybe interested in signing up with other grassroots events, with online casinos being arguably the liveliest option.

· What the introduction of online casino sponsorships could mean for grassroots tennis:

Bookmakers operate out of variety of wagers focused mainly on casino games and sports.

The introduction of a sportsbook sponsorship for grassroots tennis could certainly help to encourage more fans to participate in wagers relating to the product that they will be watching; however the potential of casino sponsorships could be an even greater assumption for all related parties.

Online casino sites such as Virgin Games can offer fans a wide listing of casino games both from a digital platform and via live broadcast feeds from active dealers, the casino industry as a whole has witnessed a significant upsurge of active players in recent years and it is arguably the perfect opportunity for more bookmakers to branch out towards grassroots sports.

It has been a significant struggle for most grassroots sports to remain active given the ongoing pandemic that has limited the number of spectators that are available to appear at events as well as the decrease in participants due to lockdown regulations, meaning that such traditional sports are almost solely reliant on the emergence of new sponsorship deals.

Even sponsors at such a minuscule level (meaning a lack of notoriety outside of their local region of origin), can have a lasting impact on the longevity of grassroots sporting events and their continuation.

Most clubs will often include local bar or restaurants as well as a few minor sportsbooks around a ground/court as well as in most programmes.

Casino advertisements can also help contribute to the growing rejuvenation of grassroots as the industry is now more in need of such endorsements than ever following on from an estimated average loss of 10,210 Euros per amateur club due to the pandemic.

While it is important for grassroots events to keep all sponsors intact with local companies and businesses, utilising a more regional endorsement can help the event raise to even greater providence and gain more credibility as a potential viable event for more sponsors to take a roll in.

Grassroots tennis events should remain patient and vigilant for a potential opportunity that may arouse for an online casino sponsorship, mainly after the conclusion of the season as casinos may often offer a package that may last the entire year as well as asking for advertisements on the events/clubs webpage.

These sponsorships can be integral towards the promotion of the events existence and privileges that come with such a valued partner, making online casino’s a perfect endorsement for any grassroot event no matter what sport.

With grassroots sporting outlets now welcoming all major parties and endorsements following on from the initial lockdowns, sponsors could all likely stem to the investment in within a grassroot event as tennis remains as one of the intriguing options.

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