Richard Gasquet has been part of the ATP tour for a long time and now the veteran blasted the organization for their policies and handling of the pandemic.

Speaking to the French newspaper L’Equipe Gasquet was very critical of the ATP calling them overwhelmed by the pandemic and not transparent enough in their decisions and policies. He said:

“The ATP is a catastrophe. They don’t say anything to the players. They are simply overwhelmed. Nothing is said in Zoom conferences, so I do not attend.”

Gasquet was visible disappointed by the lack of coordination in tennis as there are many uncertainties in the tour event with the season resumption coming closer and closer. He didn’t just criticize the ATP, he criticised all the major tennis governing bodies that included the French Federation. He branded them “puppets”:

“It is the authorities who decide. But neither Bernard Giudicelli (the president of the FFT) nor the president of the USTA are decision-makers. The federations are puppets.”

This is not the first time Gasquet criticized the tennis governing bodies. He called the season resumption madness a few weeks back while speaking to Le Parisien.

When asked about the US Open he said:

“You go to the hotel, you stay in your room, someone has a meal for you, and you go out to play. There just have to be a lot of regulations”.

Whether the season resumption will end up being a good thing or a disaster remains to be seen? We will have all the coverage here so stay tuned.

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Author: Alem Mujkanovic