Dominic Thiem will be playing the Austrian Pro Series where he will be the highest-ranked player as the Austrian no.1.

The 26-years-old Austrian will be the biggest favorite to win the tournament. Players are divided into 4 groups with the first 3 advancing to the 2nd part. Dominic Thiem will start in Group A of the Austrian Pro Series with the first match of the tournament.

Thiem will play the first match against David Pichler who is no. 483 in the ATP Ranking on Monday at 12:00 CET. In his 2nd match at the tournament, he will be playing against Lucas Miedler who is no. 294. And in his last match of the group stage, Thiem will take on Sandro Kopp who is ranked as 801st man of the ATP Ranking.

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Author: Erik Virostko