In a recent interview with SRF, Roger Federer spoke about his knee surgery as well as the ATP Tour resumption.

Roger Federer underwent knee surgery and now, he slowly returns to practice. Although the Swiss won’t play the remainder of the 2020 season, he also expressed his opinion about the tour resumption. In an interview to SRF, he said:

“My knee is good. Well, good is different but it‘s as good as it can be now after the second surgery this year. Of course, I was disappointed and sad that I had to undergo surgery the first time. It was my choice after the Match in Africa. I was unhappy with the knee for a long time and had to do something. The second time was unfortunately necessary. Now 2 months have passed and I‘m slowly back to practice. The goal is to be topfit on January, 1st,” admitted Federer. “There will be a 20 weeks block of fitness training and also tennis and everything. It will be a long way but I‘m ready and honestly said I‘m also looking forward to be hopefully at 100% again.”

“If tennis is going to happen, that‘s what they try with the US Open. They are the next ones who have to say what will be. I just talked with them yesterday and they said they will decide between the 15th and end of the month. It will be interesting. French Open said a few days ago they will allow half of a crowd which is unbelievable and also exciting. I think we are still in uncertain weeks and months for tennis but I hope it will come back at one point. Travelling and quarantine are big problems for us,” said Federer.


Author: Erik Virostko