Fernando Verdasco goes into the final group action today in the second Ultimate Tennis Showdown but pre-tournament, he revealed that he is still playing injured.

Verdasco said he has a bone edema in his right leg and that he will look to manage the pain while playing at the Mouratoglou Tennis Academy.

The Spaniard also admitted that when he was invited to the tournament, he didn’t full understand the rules of the tournament itself with Patrick Mouratoglou creating completely different ones to the ones used on tour.

“I had bone edema in my right leg. It took me a long time to recover. In fact, I am not 100% cured, although the pain is mostly gone. I can play even if I have to be very careful. I play and I see how my body reacts to the pain,” Verdasco said, per We Love Tennis France.

“At the beginning with my coach, I must admit that we did not understand anything. It took us a long time,” Verdasco continued. “Everything can change in one second. You feel that the pressure is really building up and that you don’t have the right to fail, that in the end the only thing that makes you fail is playing with the handbrake.”



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Author: Samuel Gill