The first action of the second day of the Battle of the Brits with James Ward breezing past Liam Broady and Joe Salisbury and Jonny O’Mara making an impressive start to their doubles campaign.

Salisbury and O’Mara began proceedings facing the make shift duo of Ryan Peniston and Dom Inglot – with the former being drafted in for both doubles and singles due to Jack Draper’s injury.

They still had a doubles specialist in Inglot on their team though but were up against a doubles team who are probably the most experienced in the field alongside Jamie Murray and Neal Skupski.

Salisbury and O’Mara ended up living up to their billing easing through in a 6-4, 6-2 victory. It was an even first set which went by in a blink of an eye but the second was when they began finding their rhythm.

They went 2-2 in the next set but a double fault from Inglot gifted a break to Salisbury and O’Mara which was a catalyst. It was soon 5-2 with another double fault allowing the duo to go all but through. The performance was complete at 6-2 and they could be very much the team to beat this week.

Ward on the other hand was facing off against Liam Broady in a match which saw the two losers from yesterday’s games against Kyle Edmund and Andy Murray – who are next on court face off.

For the former, it was an impressive display as he eased through 6-4, 6-1. The first set saw his serve barely under pressure and it allowed him to take it and it was even more dominant next up with Broady not able to apply it at the pivotal time.

As well as by his own admission during his interview mid match feeling like he was ‘in a car crash’. Well it was an experience that soon ended as Ward sailed to a 6-1 set win.

You can watch proceedings here and follow the whole competition via TennisUpToDate Live Scores if you click here! Find all of the information about the competition here.

Battle of the Brits Schedule of Play:

Wednesday, 24th June 2020:

🇬🇧 Salisbury & O’Mara 🇬🇧 Peniston & Inglot 13:00 6-2 6-2
🇬🇧 Broady, L. 🇬🇧 Ward, J. 14:30 4-6, 1-6
🇬🇧 Norrie, C. 🇬🇧 Peniston, R. 16:00 — : —
🇬🇧 Edmund, K. 🇬🇧 Murray, A. 19:00 — : —
🇬🇧 Broady & Norrie 🇬🇧 Evans & Glasspool 20:30 — : —

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Author: Samuel Gill