Caroline Wozniacki will compete in her final ever career event in the form of the Australian Open in a few days time.

Wozniacki reflected and said that she is has been playing well in practice and is just hoping for the best when it comes to it.

The Dane said that she leaves the sport with no regrets and that for her it just doesn’t feel the same anymore and she now has different desires.

“I have no idea (how I’ll react). It’s not a situation that I’ve ever been in. It’s hard to tell,” said Wozniacki.

“I’m just enjoying being out there. I’ve had some great practice sessions. I’ve done everything I could to prepare as well as I can for this tournament, then hope for the best.”

“I’m sure once the last ball is hit, it’s going to be a bit emotional,” she said.

“I’ve achieved a lot. I’ve given it my all. Honestly, I’m leaving with no regrets at all because I’ve worked so hard my whole life, my whole career. I’ve given it literally everything that I have to reach where I got.

“It doesn’t feel the same. I still want to work hard, but I want to do something different. I want to try and achieve something else.

“I’m very proud of everything that I’ve achieved (in tennis), very proud of the ups and the downs. But especially to be able to just continually push myself to be a better player, I feel like I’ve given a lot to the sport that I can be very proud of.”


Author: Samuel Gill