Carlos Alcaraz comes back against Tommy Paul and stays strong in his Wimbledon title defense

Tuesday, 09 July 2024 at 20:02
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Carlos Alcaraz had ups and downs but managed to win a tough match against Tommy Paul in the quarterfinals of Wimbledon in four sets after a shaky first half of the match.
The Spaniard finally won 5-7, 6-4, 6-2, 6-2, finishing at a very high level. He will now play in the semifinals again against Daniil Medvedev, whom he swept aside last year and who has just defeated none other than Jannik Sinner.


Carlitos started the match very strongly, with four chances to break Tommy Paul's serve in the first game. He didn't take advantage of them, but in the American's second service game, he didn't let the opportunity slip. He went up 2-1 and then entered a negative spiral for a few moments, losing the advantage he had on the scoreboard.
With difficulties, both players held their serve until 6-5. At that moment, with the Spaniard serving to stay in the set, Tommy Paul pushed hard in the final moments and got a set point at 30-40. On the first opportunity, he closed the set and put the score at 1-0.


The second set started just as the first had ended, with a monumental Tommy Paul who broke Carlos Alcaraz's serve in the Spaniard's first service game. However, the world No. 3 didn't let himself be intimidated and responded instantly. This time it was the American who suffered a slight drop in his game and gave away the seventh game of the set.
From there, Alcaraz didn't lose his serve again and closed the set without difficulties at 6-4. Once again, he demonstrated that he should never be counted out and leveled the match, suggesting it was going to be a long battle for his opponent.
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Carlos Alcaraz at 2023 Wimbledon.


The third set was quite the opposite of the second. It started with an exchange of breaks from which Alcaraz emerged the beneficiary, being the first to hold his serve and take the lead. With a 3-1 lead, he had several opportunities to achieve another break, but the world No. 12 resisted well and held on as best he could.
Although he didn't manage it in the fifth game, he did in the seventh, which is always one of the most important games of the set. With a 5-2 lead and serving, he had no problems closing the set and going 2-1 up, giving himself the chance to finish the match in four sets after losing the first.


Once again, Carlos Alcaraz broke Tommy Paul's serve early. He did so in the American's second service game, quickly taking a 2-1 lead with his serve. The Spaniard smelled blood and devoured his opponent, not letting him breathe and maintaining a very high pace at all times. He displayed his best level to go up to 5-1.
He was close to closing the match with the American's serve but eventually did so with his own, winning 6-2. Now he will face Medvedev, with whom it will be the third time playing at Wimbledon. The Russian won in 2021, and last year it was Alcaraz who dominated in the semifinals.

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