Robson and Henman critical of Norrie being called 's*** Andy Murray': "They have clearly never watched tennis before"

Thursday, 19 January 2023 at 22:30
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Eurosport analysts Laura Robson and Tim Henman voiced their displeasure about Norrie being called a cheap version of Andy Murray.
Norrie has been the British number one in recent times with Murray struggling to get to the top following his injury. He's been a fairly decent representation of British tennis reaching the Wimbledon semi-final among other things last year. Despite that, he's not on the level of prime Murray but that speaks mostly to how great the former number one has been,
Some fans heckled Norrie with some bad words and were kicked out during his match with Lestienne and Robson and Henman took issue with the chants. Robson said:
"They have clearly never watched tennis before because the two couldn't play any differently,” Robson told Eurosport about the incident. Cam's a real grinder - he dictates with his forehand. He's got that nudge backhand and he's an incredible mover. Whereas Andy's got that big serve to work with. He's much taller.
In my mind I wouldn't even put them in the same category of a tennis player so maybe these guys need to do their homework before the next round. Hopefully they've learnt something. They've made the news - that's probably all that they wanted. I don't think Cam was bothered by it at all.”
Henman added:
“Some fans were shouting some pretty unpleasant fans things at Cam and they ended up getting ejected from the stadium and rightly so. For me, Cam is an absolute superstar. He's progressed, he's improved his game so much, moving into the top 50, top 30, top 20 has already been in the top 10, winning the Masters 1000 in Indian Wells.

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