"I say if you have to bet or want to bet, bet on us" - Fighting talk from Andre Agassi ahead of Pickleball Slam 2

Monday, 05 February 2024 at 01:00
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The Pickleball Slam 2 is approaching, and the duo of Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf expressed their eagerness to provide fans with a top-notch spectacle and clinch the match as they face off against the pair of John McEnroe and Maria Sharapova.
The exhibition will be played for the second time, but this time with mixed teams, allowing the 22-year marriage of Graf and Agassi to compete together in an intriguing Pickleball match where all four protagonists are former world No. 1 and multiple Grand Slam champions.

Legends united by Pickleball Slam 2

The German tennis icon boasts an impressive 22 Grand Slam titles in her career, setting a record that stood for decades in the Open Era until Serena Williams surpassed it in 2017. On the Agassi front, he has clinched 8 Grand Slam victories, putting him on par with the likes of Ivan Lendl and Jimmy Connors.
Just before the event, Agassi and Graf took part in a video where they asserted that they have diligently worked in recent months to deliver a stellar performance.
"We are here excited and we believe we are ready. So I say if you have to bet or if you want to bet, bet on us," Agassi said in an interview ahead of the match posted on Instagram.

McEnroe – Sharapova partnership

The opposing team, nonetheless, is not lagging behind, as the 7-times Grand Slam champion John McEnroe will form an intriguing partnership with the 5-times Grand Slam champion Maria Sharapova. Steffi Graf expressed her excitement about the formidable opponents they will be facing.
"Couldn't agree more. We have been working hard in the last few months. We are really ready to go and excited to playing with John (McEnroe) and Maria (Sharapova) So it should be a lot of fun," Graf said.
"You know last year I was trying to support him and get him ready for it, playing a little bit, didn't take it very serious. The last few months have been very different for me you know just to get into the physical shape and switching my brain a little bit from tennis to pickleball," Graf said
"The homework has already been done for this match. So it is all about peaking at the right time. We have got a fun day planned for the rest of today. We will get a practice and be ready to go," Andre Agassi said when asked about the plan for the day ahead of the pickleball match.

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