"Unless you live in Scotland": Judy Murray points out exception in Grigor Dimitrov's motivational speech

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Monday, 20 November 2023 at 17:50
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The mother of former world number one Andy Murray, Judy, has lamented the state of tennis affairs in Scotland.
Judy’s son Andy is regarded as one of the most successful tennis player in the men’s singles category to have come out of the United Kingdom in the recent past. He went on to win three Grand Slam titles and two Olympic Gold medals as well.
Recently, Bulgaria’s tennis star Grigor Dimitrov made a comment that tennis as a sport is a rewarding one if certain amount of investment is being made at different levels.
"Tennis is the type of sport where whatever you put in, you get out of it, eventually, maybe not right away,” he said. “I always, I think one of my most important things is always, go at it, give a hundred percent and you never know how the cards will unfold, but at least when you look back, you'll be so proud of yourself. Our sport is difficult enough," Grigor Dimitrov stated.”
However, Judy, in response to that in a post on her official account on the social media platform X — previously known as Twitter — suggested that is not the case in her home country Scotland. "Unless you live in Scotland," wrote the 64-year-old.

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