Bob and Mike Bryan spoke about how their plans around their retirement changed with the suspension of the ATP Tour.

Previously, Bryan brothers announced that they will retire after the 2020 season. However, after the whole ATP Tour was suspended until 13th July and players will miss most of the season, their plans may change. Bob and Mike Bryan spoke to the media saying:

“We haven’t decided. We had this rigorous plan for saying goodbye and riding the adrenaline from going out there one last time and getting our fill of the tour before transitioning into the next stage of our lives. Now it looks like we’re not going to get most of that fill. What are we going to do if the whole thing gets canned? We did have some stuff we wanted to do on tour and our bodies are feeling good right now, but who knows? A year can make a big difference,” Bob Bryan said.

“I can see us playing World Team Tennis after retirement if they would have us. We really enjoy the format. It’s quick and entertaining and is packaged how tennis should be packaged. I think this league could grow and occupy more of the season. Right now, it’s three weeks. I think it could be two months. Everyone is in the same boat. It’s just a matter of how much we have in the tank once we do start playing again,” said Bob Bryan.

Also, Mike Bryan spoke about the scare he went through when he said: “My wife, Nadia, is pregnant and had a fever one night, so we were super worried about the baby. We’ve been on lockdown, but we did have construction going on in the house, so we’ve had people inside. Luckily the fever went down, but it was a really scary time for us. Especially since this is our first and we didn’t know what was going on.”

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Author: Erik Virostko