Andy Murray beats Stan Wawrinka after a lenthy 3-hour battle in Cincinnati

Monday, 15 August 2022 at 23:14
murray iw 2022
This match did not have the quality it would have had six or seven years ago but it certainly delivered a lot of excitement in the three hours that it took Murray to win 7-6(3) 5-7 7-5.
Neither of these players are on the top of their game anymore and both are kinda old but they certainly delivered a really good show. Both struggled with injuries and both took multiple MTO's with one in the 3rd set featuring both of them receiving treatment. It was certainly quite an iconic look that most fans will never forget.
The first set was one where Murray was able to overcome a couple of issues. He was the only player that had to save break points as Wawrinka did not allow a single on in the entire first set. The tiebreak was played much better by Murray who waited for Wawrinka to make mistakes and he did. The Brit was also able to produce a very good serve here and there and it helped.
The second set was a close one and early on did not feature any chances for either player. Murray was the first player to face break points and he failed to save them. It was 5-3 for Stan but the Swiss ace failed to close it out, allowing Murray to break him. Eventually, Wawrinka did get another chance and he took it 7-5. The final set opened with Stan having the 2-0 lead.
He failed to hold it and called for a MTO where both received treatment. Towards the end of the set, Murray got a break point and the Swiss slammed the ball wide giving Murray a huge chance. He would need a couple of match points to finally get it done but he did move on to round two.

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