"F*** I don't know what is this f****** bull***": Bublik in expletive laden rant again in Russian during Goffin match

Thursday, 15 June 2023 at 16:30
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Alexander Bublik overcame David Goffin in the first round of the Libema Open and while he was happy at the end of it, he wasn't quite happy in the second set.
Bublik is known generally as a player who likes to joke on a tennis court and sometimes not take things too seriously. He's been a bit more serious with his tennis this year even though his level has been quite poor most of the time. The Russian is known to have an outburst or two with one particularly famous one where he smashed a couple of racquets in a row.
He had one in the match against Goffin even though he ended up winning the match. It happened in the second set of his match against David Goffin with a rather long rant in Russian. A tennis fan translated the rant and we bring it to you in full below:
"F*cking bastard's luck. I f*cked its mouth. It's just f*cking bullsh*t. Then they will tell me to practice. F*ck you f*****, I f*cked your mouth. Each one who says you need to practice. To hit this f*cking bullsh*t? F*cking bastards. B*tch I don't know, like I'm cursed. F*ck I don't know what is this f*cking bullshi*? What the hell is this sh*t? He hits everything in lines, I have three millimetres on break point. I'm f*cking in awe. Sitting on these f*cking courts seven hours a day, why the f*ck do I need it?

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