Milos Raonic invests in development of new year-round tennis courts in Canada

Saturday, 10 September 2022 at 04:00
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Today, Tennis Canada announced that Milos Raonic is returning to his roots as a partner and shareholder of Tennis Clubs of Canada.  
Founded and led by Terry Redvers, Tennis Clubs of Canada manages community courts. It recently embarked on an expansion that will grow the business from five to eight clubs in Ontario and plans to add four more across the country in 2023.  
“It’s wonderful to have Milos join the team as he supports Tennis Clubs of Canada’s commitment to servicing the community through affordable and accessible facilities,” said Adam Seigel, CEO, Tennis Clubs of Canada.
Raonic, who started playing tennis in the winter bubble at Blackmore Tennis Club in Richmond Hill, Ontario, has always felt a debt of gratitude to Terry Redvers.  
“When I was almost nine years old, Terry was very kind and generous. He said ‘just pay the monthly fee.’ There’s no way my parents could have afforded to keep me on court with regular hourly court fees. Maybe that’s why I’m where I am today,” Raonic said.  
Tennis Clubs of Canada will now rely on cutting-edge clear bubble technology to make courts across Canada accessible year-round.  
“When the courts don’t get used in winter, they get destroyed by the elements—ice, snow and even salt from the streets,” explained Raonic, who helped restore two courts in his old neighborhood of Thornhill, Ontario and is very familiar with the wear and tear the cold climate can cause. His goal is to provide Canadians with access to community courts twelve months out of the year at a reasonable cost.
Tennis Clubs of Canada is currently developing partnership projects that are in line with Tennis Canada’s Year-Round Community Tennis Courts Program, which aims to help build or renovate 160 covered courts. Presented by Rogers, the $5.6M initiative grants up to $200,000 to eligible tennis communities.  
“It is terrific that Milos will make a difference for grassroots tennis development in Canada with his on and off court prowess,” said Michael Downey, President and CEO at Tennis Canada. “Having Milos advocating for more year round courts should help ignite interest from municipalities across Canada to invest in the health and well being of their constituents through economical year round tennis courts. Well done, Milos!”

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