Patrick Mouratoglou reveals one maverick name he'd love to coach: "He would be one of the most exciting guys"

Friday, 01 March 2024 at 01:30
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Patrick Mouratoglou commented on his desire to coach the Australian Nick Kyrgios, stating that he believes he could bring him back to the elite of tennis. The French coach currently leads Holger Rune's team, having recently reunited after a separation earlier in the year.
Despite returning to work with Rune, Mouratoglou mentioned a player he would like to coach in the future and chose the talented Kyrgios, the 2022 Wimbledon finalist. The French coach has a distinguished career and has previously worked with players such as Serena Williams and Simona Halep, among others.
At the moment, Kyrgios has only played one official match since his injury at the end of 2023, and there is uncertainty about his return. Kyrgios has often raised questions about an early retirement, but he has also clarified that he hopes to return to the Tour. Mouratoglou is one of those who still holds hope for what the talented tennis player can deliver:
“I think he would be one of the most exciting guys to coach,” declared Mouratoglou. “The thing is, for someone to have a coach, he needs to want it,” cautioned Mouratoglou. “You cannot work with a player who doesn’t want a coach. So that will be his decision one day, or maybe never, we’ll see.”
“This guy has an incredible potential,” explained Mouratoglou. “He’s complicated, he’s complex. Sometimes I think I’m not even sure he understands himself, but I think from the side watching him for so many years, I think I understand him.
“I mean I’m not the only one probably, but I can feel him. I think there are a lot of very smart things to do with him a Grand Slam or more,” Mouratoglou concluded.

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