Rennae Stubbs defends Djokovic being left out of Stefan Edberg Sportsmanship Award: "Novak is not a great sport"

Saturday, 26 November 2022 at 15:30
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Novak Djokovic was left out of the nominees' list for the ATP sportsmanship award which enraged many of his fans.
Djokovic never won this award curiously despite being considered a pretty decent sport all around. His main rivals such as Nadal and Rafael won it multiple times which only adds more disdain from Djokovic fans towards to ATP and the reward.
Former player Rennae Stubbs explained that Djokovic is not as much of a great sport on the court which makes this decision logical:
"Nothing to do with that. Novak is not a great sport on court: he’s been defaulted, broken racquets, etcetera, among other things."
Questioned by fans more, Stubbs added:
"He’s absolutely a gracious loser, I’ll give him that, but this award is for sportsmanship on and off court. So don’t make this about anything but that," Stubbs added.

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