"Try returning a 147mph flat serve": Ben Shelton jumps to Frances Tiafoe's defence amid hardest sport in the world viewpoint

Wednesday, 28 February 2024 at 07:00
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America’s young sensation Ben Shelton has agreed with the comments from fellow countryman Frances Tiafoe about tennis being the most difficult sport in the world.
The 21-year-old is often regarded as one of the most highly-rated young tennis players currently in the men’s singles category alongside Spain’s Carlos Alcaraz and Italy’s Jannik Sinner.
Shelton was recently quoted in a report where he agreed with Tiafoe about his comment regarding how difficult it is to play the sport. "Hundred percent! It’s the hardest sport in the world. I still think it’s the hardest sport in the world," he said. "Try returning a 147 mph flat serve and then an 85 mph kick serve that jumps 6 feet the other way."
Earlier, in a video that was posted on the social media platform Instagram, Tiafoe stated numerous reasons to believe that tennis remains the hardest sport on the planet.
"Well A, the ball in comparison to other sports is very small,” he said. “Your hand-eye [coordination] has to got to be very good. Then there’s no clock. You know, it’s not a timed sport.
“When those guys come to watch me, they’re like, 'How long is a tennis match?', I’m like: 'Sh*t I don’t know, you never know'. And then you know it’s the uncontrollable movements, up and down, side to side. So it’s tough and it’s just you."

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