"Ultimate mindset of champions" says Patrick Mouratoglou about Djokovic and Serena Williams

Patrick Mouratoglou has been coaching Serena Williams for a few years and he sees a lot of similarities between her and Novak Djokovic whom he watched closely a few times.

Djokovic, as many tennis players, has used the Mouratoglou facilities in the south of France several times to prepare with the most recent time coming before the Paris Masters. Djokovic practiced with Medvedev at the facilities and it gave Mouratoglou a good chance to observe the Serbian. According to Mouratoglou, he seems a lot of similarities between Djokovic and Serena Williams.

He explained on his Instagram account:

“[With] champions, they have the mindset and the mindset builds the tennis. So it’s all about the mindset and that is true for everything. Whatever you do, if you have the right mindset, you’re going to make it. Some players that I know, they are champions in their mind, I know that [in] their second life after tennis, they’re going to do great because they process the right way."

He further continued saying:

“The people who have the best mindset naturally, are the ones who are going to go the furthest. I remember Novak [Djokovic], he was 17, you don’t think, ‘WOW! His tennis is incredible’. No, but he has [an] unbelievable mindset. He has the ultimate mindset of a champion. Same as Serena. They developed their tennis. Same with Lleyton Hewitt, you see Lleyton Hewitt, you don’t think ‘wow, the tennis was incredible,’ yet he was number one in the world because he has the mindset of a champion.”

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