Wilander on Rune's World Number One claims: "Might generate disappointment"

Saturday, 26 November 2022 at 08:00
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Holger Rune claimed that he can become number one in 2023 and Mats Wilander thinks it's a bit premature for that.
Wilander doesn't doubt that Rune can do it because he has seen the talent he possesses up close at Roland Garros but exclaiming such a thing might create disappointment if it doesn't happen and there is a solid chance that it might not.
He said:
"Holger Rune said he's going to be No. 1 in the world and this might generate disappointment if it does not happen right away. My first reaction would be to say it's wrong and it's dangerous to say you will be No. 1, but if it motivates you as a player, then go ahead, and if it's that simple to you as a player."
Wilander added further what Holger needs to do to become better:
"For Holger, he must probably have to clean up his body language slightly on court, which he will, because he's only 19 and he's an unbelievably quick learner, for sure. I think it will help his tennis to be a little bit more settled and maybe neutral in terms of showing good vibes and bad vibes because other guys are going to start picking up on it."

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