‘You warm my heart in the cold’: Alex de Minaur commemorates young fan in his French Open win

Sunday, 02 June 2024 at 12:02
Australia’s tennis star Alex de Minaur has pointed out a fan he would also want to see in the next round. The 25-year-old defeated Germany’s Jan-Lennard Struff in round three of the French Open with a score of 4-6, 6-4, 6-3, 6-3. De Minaur, while talking after the match, pointed a young fan who was extremely supportive of him during the tough weather.
“That young lad was there from the very first point 'til the last with five hours of rain delay,” he said. “He was this little kid that at every single change of ends, every single point I won, he was screaming at my face. I'm looking at him and thinking if I was a fan, I would probably be back home, because it was bloody cold out there!
“I don't understand what this kid is doing, but, oh, he gave me life. Every single change of ends I'm looking at him, locking eyes with him. And at the end I just gave him a hug. I was, like, mate... it was a relief more than anything. It was amazing. I appreciate this kid, the fact that he's spent 10 hours at the court today in the freezing cold pumping me up. I was happy that I was able to get a win together with him.”

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