In a recent interview with Jutarnii List, Borna Coric looked back on the period after the Adria Tour.

The 23-years-old Croatian was one of the participants of the Adria Tour in Zadar. The tournament didn’t end as many expected after Grigor Dimitrov was tested positive for the COVID-19. Later, the organizer of the tournament, Novak Djokovic and also Borna Coric tested positive. Now, a few weeks later, Coric looked back on that period, when he said:

“That Monday was really chaotic. Hundreds of information, calls, and people. I was not happy, of course,” admitted Coric. “It was hard to read negative articles and comments, but again, I can’t pay too much attention to what others think and say. A long time I accepted this as an integral part of my career and life. We spoke twice through text messages with Novak Djokovic. We were checking out the situation and asking if there were any symptoms. He did not show any symptoms,” said Coric.

“I read what Kyrgios wrote, but I could not care less because he also likes to be a general after the battle. If someone else was giving lectures, maybe I would understand, but Kyrgios. That’s not realistic, but okay that’s his style, that’s how he works,” Coric said. “I don’t have a problem with that, nor do I mind on a personal level. Zverev acted badly, but I don’t see the need to call out fellow players in that way. I would not do that, but again. That’s Kyrgios.”

“I am definitely sorry that the tournament ended that way, because we had a positive story, a humanitarian character, we played tennis after a long time and we all had,” said Borna Coric. “I would not go into details or point a finger because we don’t know who actually brought the virus first and whether someone should have been tested.”


Author: Erik Virostko