Benefits For Tennis Fans From Partnership With GamStop

There is only one way we can say this. Tennis fans can get a lot of benefits from a partnership with GamStop. For the lack of a better word, these benefits are impressive. You probably know all about this platform and you may know something about it. However, not all gamblers and bettors know this. That’s why we will explain the matter and also the benefits all bettors and tennis fans can get from this partnership.

What Is Actually GamStop?

GamStop is a self-exclusion system that is active in the United Kingdom. It works like this. You will create the account there and provide the needed information. As soon as you are done, all UKGC sites where you can bet on tennis will ban your account. Obviously, there are still some operators that accept UK players, for example, sports sites on NonGamStopBets listed here will be available after registration and you need to ask the support to exclude you. You cannot log in to the old account and you cannot make a new one. The ban will last as long as you have specified. For instance, this can last up to 5 years if you choose the longest period!

Obviously, tennis fans who are worried about their addiction or are compulsive gamblers will use the platform. It is completely free which makes it an even better choice. The goal is to keep yourself away from gambling and betting for as long as you need it. During that time you can recover and you can work on your addiction. Once you ‘’cure’’ it, you can go back and continue placing bets on all tennis events available.

Benefits From This Partnership

As you can assume, there are a lot of perks from this partnership and you will appreciate each one. First of all, GamStop is available in the United Kingdom only and it works with UKGC only. There is no need to mention these specifics any longer. However, there are some specifics that suggest that GamStop may become available on MGA and Curacao betting sites any time soon. This would be a great advantage and the one you will all enjoy. Let’s see the main perks tennis fans will get.

Learn about Gambling

Tennis fans will and should learn more about betting and gambling with the help of GamStop. There was a study in 2019 that discovered that 7% of the participants gamble once per week. 4% have been playing slots online. A decent percentage of the participants bet on tennis as well. The study included 21% of the younger population in the United Kingdom.

With this partnership, all tennis fans can learn a couple of useful things about tennis addiction or betting addiction in general. This is great! Additionally, professional players can support this program and explain its importance to the fans. Those people can protect themselves better and can prevent catastrophic issues that may appear later in life. At the same time, they can enjoy tennis and bet on it more because they will know how to do it responsibly.

Help Tennis Fans With Addiction

When it comes to gambling and betting in the United Kingdom, 0.5% of all people are addicts of this kind. This number can increase at any given moment which is another reason why tennis fans should partner with GamStop.

When you know all about GamStop and you can use it when you need it, you are much safer. What this means is that you can create the account on GamStop and you will be banned from gambling and betting. You can work on your issues and when ready you can go back and place a bet on a tennis event you like.

They can feel safer

This is not a huge perk but one we would like to mention. When we know that there is help available and that we can use it at any given moment, we can feel safer. This is precisely what will happen to tennis fans once they know all about GamStop. The only way to get this is to promote and cooperate with the platform. All tennis fans should consider doing this at some point and honestly, the sooner, the better.

The Final Word

Believe it or not, these are just some of the benefits tennis fans can get from this cooperation. In reality, there are a lot of additional perks we would like to get right now. Ideally, all tennis fans who read this will start some type of partnership and they will start promoting GamStop. In addition, tournaments like Australian Open and many others should promote this program. The sooner they start, the more people will get help and will stay safe from addiction.

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